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Our Know-how & Experince

Microcontrollers has been used in the industry for many years now. We, in Infinite Technology have learned to apply it in many application so that we could offer our customers more options in terms of reduced complexity & lower costs. It is well suited for applications whereby simple judgement and processing is required.

Our controllers vary in many ways ranging from fully automated systems to semi-automated systems to manually operated ones. By providing these options we are able to cater to customers with small budgets as well as customers who want more complex systems.

Our microcontroller systems are all user friendly to use and are highly robust & reliable.

Our sample works along with brief details as illustrated below.

Fully Loaded Printer Circuit Board(PCB) Tester

This test system was designed to test the functionality of a PCB. It is a corporate headquatersmanually operated system whereby the operator is required to press the buttons  on the jig panel in-order to complete the test sequence. The microcontroller system responds to each button press and switches on certain relays to trigger the PCB. The LED are meant as results display.

The system shown below is a similar system to check thecorporate headquaters functionality of the PCB but this system works automatically. Once the test is started, it will check the functionality of the board automatically based on the test procedure and display the test result on the LCDcorporate headquaters Display.  Below is the sample display for Pass & Fail conditions. This display will indicate clearly which component or step is faulty so that proper countermeasure cancorporate headquaters be done. 










Complete products testing

The system below is testing the functionality of the USB extension cables. A microcontroller system is used to switch the wiring interconnections from the 1st cable to the 10th cable. corporate headquatersEach step is indicated by the 7 segment display on the tester panel. At the end of the process, the operator will be able to isolate the faulty cable from the good ones. The mechanical design is also designed for each identification and handling. 

Sample of other projects

corporate headquatersThe system above is designed to test the reliability of a DVD drive. The microcontroller automatically, opens the DVD tray, checks the travel length of the tray using photo-electric sensors. Then, the tray will be pulled out to the maximum length and then pushed back in. Each cycle is counted and when the preset count limit is acheived, the system stops the sequence. Any abnormal condition will be detected by the system and the prosess will be halted.  

Interfacing experience -

- Elprotronic Gang Programmer
- Pro'sKit 3PK-345 RS232C
- Agilent A34401 Multimeter
- Agilent E3646 Power Supply
- Agilent 34907A DAQ
- Goodwill Multimeters
- Minolta CA-100/CA-210
- TI MSP430 Programmer
- Cypress Programmer(MP Manager)
- Microchip PM3 Programmer
- Melabs Programmer
- TES Sound Meter
- ICP DAS Remote Modules
- ICP DAS Wincon 8000
- Keyence Laser Marker
- Advantest R6441
- Tektronix Oscilloscopes
- National Instruments PCI Cards

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